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About Us

Wittmann Canada has a long and proud pound history in the plastics manufacturing industry. In 1985 NUCON opened its doors as a premier supplier of high-end robotics to assist the plastics manufacturers in conveying and weighing raw materials. 
In 1999 Nucon was purchased by the Wittmann Group and started offering injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion moulding equipment.
Using this experience and having developed a reputation for expertise in powder conveyance and weighing over the past 30 years, Wittmann Canada Inc. developed the ROTOLOAD Weighing and Conveyance Systems to accommodate the automation necessities of the rotational molding industry.

ROTOLOAD is the newest division of Wittmann Canada Inc being established in 2013.

 The ROTOLOAD was developed in Canada to provide a method for rotational molders to improve the efficiency of the overall molding process:

  • Increase accuracy.

  • Increase consistency.

  • Decrease injuries.

  • Reduce spillage and waste.

  • Increase cleanliness.

  • Provide control and traceability.

  • Free up valuable floor space.

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