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  • ROTOLOAD is available in the following standard sizes: 50lb, 150lb, and 300lb (convert to Kgs) capacity units. Any size capacity can be custom built to accommodate your facility.

  • Integral and Central configurations are standard and come in Mild steel, enamel-coated standard construction (Stainless Steel option  available).

  • ROTOLOAD uses SIEMENS PLC controls

  • Each ROTOLOAD device is equipped with three (3) load cell mounting, for stability

  • Each ROTOLOAD system is designed as Integrated isolation dispense hoppers.

  • Mobile Systems are configured for facilities with advanced ceiling infrastructure or low ceilings, and are based on pressure systems and are not vacuum powered.

Integral Filling rate 

Up to 20 lbs/min (app. 1000 lbs/hr)

Central Filling Rate

Up to 80 lbs/min (app. 5000 lbs/hr)

Gravity Discharge/Dump Rates

50 lb – 3” – 2 lbs/sec

150 lb – 4” – 4 lbs/sec

300 lb – 6” – 8 lbs/sec



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