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Rotoload Systems- Integral and Central Units


Rotoload offers two basic "out of the box" solution systems for  implementation at your facility. Need something different? The Rotoload team will customize the right solution for your facility. ROTOLOAD needs little to no servicing, so you can turn them on, calibrate and operate with peace of mind. All systems are easily automated through SIEMENS PLC pendant.

Integral Integration System

The Rotoload Integral system is designed for short distance conveyance (up to 30ft), leaving the plant floor cleaner safer and more efficient.

Central Integration System

The Central Integration System is designed to convey raw materials at larger distances (1000ft), helping to: eliminate facility floor traffic, eliminate injury, maintain plant cleanliness, improve facility efficiency, eliminate cross-contamination, protect virgin materials, reduce material waste. 

Powder Conveyance and Weighing Systems

The basic ROTOLOAD weigh loader system, intended to mount directly above the molding process, provides a method of AUTOMATICALLY dispensing an accurate amount of powder directly into the mold.

The operator can manually or automatically select the required dispense weight, and with the simple push of a button, activate the dispense without any further involvement or labor.

The ROTOLOAD when necessary, automatically triggers a reload sequence to ensure that the unit is ready for the next dispense at all times, therefore eliminating any wait times, or delays


The ROTOLOAD VACUMAX "Quiet" vacuum pumps are designed to allow for the conveyance of raw materials at high rates (50 lbs per minute - 500 lbs per hour) and log distances (1000ft).  Basic Model Features:

  • 5-15 hp.

  • Positive Displacement Blower.

  • TEFC motor.

  • Fully integrated sound enclosure.

  • Integrated starter with overload protection and interlock.

  • Also available in a non-enclosed version.

  • Integrated Pneumatic Vacuum Breaker valve.

  • Integrated Vacuum Safety valve.

  • Blower cabin, temperature controlled cooling fan.


ROTOLOAD Central Filters ensure that all "air" travelling to the molds is uncontaminated, removing any possibility of heated resin build up crippling the pumping system, allowing for constant and uninterrupted production.


  • Tangential inlet for primary dust separation.

  • Cyclonic ring for secondary separation.

  • Pleated filter cartridge – 40 sq. ft.

  • Integrated compressed air filter cleaning.

  • Dust bucket.

  • Mild Steel construction.

  • Other standard models available for larger pump systems.

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